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By offering end-to-end connectivity to the Internet for both residential and business sites, we have achieved phenomenal growth while maintaining the highest level of satisfaction for all our clients.

From DSL, Cable to Fiber, from site design to web hosting, from turnkey solutions to customized programs, Great Lakes Internet can accommodate your entire computer and Internet needs.

Our staff of highly trained consultants can assist you in every facet of the Internet experience.

Need a computer? We build it for you, take it out to your home or business, set it up, and even train you and your staff.

Need fifty computers? We build them, service them, and string them together. We install your prepackaged software. Or if your needs are specialized, we develop and implement customized software using the latest technology.

Want a web presence? We design your web site, maintain, and showcase it on our own high-speed network. Our computers run 24 hours a day 365 days a year. You can be confident that your prospects can visit your site while you're at home, out of town, or just on the back nine.

Great Lakes Internet has the experience and expertise to make your business a success. Our talent is second to none.